Donald M Fink’s Money Saving Tips

Donald M Fink’s Money Saving Tips

For over 40 years, Donald M Fink with The Advisory Co has helped thousands of clients help build amazing savings accounts and retirement plans. Here are some tips on saving your money.

Review your Expense Accounts

Every penny counts, especially if you were looking to save money long-term. As a seasoned financial advisor, my first advice is to double-check your expense column. This is where we get to see a clear picture of how you are spending your monies; wisely and unwisely!

Reduce or Remove your Debt

We live in a society where we want to gratify ourselves instantly. Credit cards have been the solution to instant gratification; however, it is also the culprit to creating unnecessary debt. Review your credit card debts and figure out how to reduce and remove your debt. Remember, you want to leverage your long-term potential to create more wealth.

Automate your bills

When it comes to banking, in general, individuals or couples tend to have one to two bank accounts. I would recommend creating a couple more accounts to help automate your bills so you know exactly how much to put aside for expense. This is also a good visual tool when figuring out how much you are paying in bills and now have a dedicated bank account for any future bills that you may add on.

Make sure to talk to your financial planner on best strategies on creating a will or for estate planning. At The Advisory Co, we have helped thousands of clients with their estate planning needs. Get a head start on protecting your assets by scheduling an appointment with us: 702-869-1919.

Donald M Fink has been advising and helping high income individuals and business owners with strategies for over 40 years. He continues to consult with private clients in the areas of estate planning, wealth management and asset preservation and to this day maintains Life & Qualifying membership and Honor Roll status in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).