Why Women Should Consider Hiring a Financial Advisor

Why Women Should Consider Hiring a Financial Advisor

Over the last 40 years, Donald M Fink has been helping both men and women alike grow their wealth and plan for their overall financial success. Through years of observation, women, in general have a different approach on finances compared to their male counterparts. Here are some great reasons why women should consider hiring a financial planner:

Wage Wars

According to the Census Bureau, there is a significant gap in pay for women compared to men. Knowing this information is critical for women, especially for long-term planning. This is a great stressor for most women, especially when it comes to retirement planning. My advice is to start early, so you are ahead of the game.

Breaks due to life event

Women, in general are more likely to take a leave of absence in case of a life event such as: helping an aging parent, giving birth, etc. This generally impacts the long-term financial planning. Financial advisors can be a female’s greatest asset when it comes to planning out their long-term goals. We cannot predict life events; however, we can help in case you do experience one. If you are currently going through a life event, please call our office and we would love to discuss your financial needs. Call us today at 702-869-1919.

Investment Styles

There is enough data to show that women have a totally different approach to investments compared to men. In general, women have a more conservative approach to finances and are more likely to invest in assets that have a lower rate of return. IF you are a conservative investor, this may be a great time to hire a financial advisor to review your financial portfolio.

Women live longer

Historically, women have a higher life expectancy than men. This data alone should be encouraging for women to take charge of their financial future and create a long-term plan for their financial future.

At the Advisory Company, we have an impeccable record of providing sound financial advice to our clients. Call us today at 702-869-1919 and let us get you setup with a retirement expert.
Donald M Fink has been advising and helping high income individuals and business owners with strategies for over 40 years. He continues to consult with private clients in the areas of estate planning, wealth management and asset preservation and to this day maintains Life & Qualifying membership and Honor Roll status in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).